March 20, 2018

PAWTUCKET – Companies interested in the city’s planned 150-acre transit hub range from residential and corporate developers to start-up manufacturers and light industrial companies.

Jan Brodie, executive director of the Pawtucket Foundation, said the Conant Thread district will be similar to a “mini city,” featuring a planned Pawtucket/Central Falls Commuter Rail Station, between Conant Street and Main Street. As with her previous work with the I-195 Commission, people are asking what the exact vision is for the area on the Pawtucket and Central Falls line, but she said that evolution is hard to predict this early.

Neither Brodie nor anyone else is revealing the companies interested in developing properties within the district, as no agreements have been signed yet.

Just as other cities evolve, this district will morph into its own identity at some point, five months to 25 years from now, said Brodie. Right now, the interest runs “the full gamut” of uses, including corporate campus, office, retail, light industrial, food and beverage, and start-up entrepreneurs who are growing out of existing spaces, she said.

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